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By Padhraic Moneley (Ireland) "DESERT FLOWER Fractal Space: The basic spatial unit of our framework is best defined simply as an area enclosed by a notional boundary. This unit can be further articulated by allowing for a particular orientation, or axis, being determined by a preferred line of approach & point of entry. (Fig. i - Primary Unit). An arrangement of four such units around a shared central zone can then be seen to generate a series of pathways, each leading from the centre of the grouping to the exterior via a gateway zone. This whole may then in turn be enclosed within a ..." (more)


By Tomáš (Slovakia) "Burning man represents freedom an artistic view of the world. The idea of urbanism of this kind of festival can’t be based on classical urban equipment such as street or areas. Urbanism of Burning man needs freedom. It needs as minimalistic definition of space as possible. We decided to define space of the festival through the columns. The columns represent the main orientational grid. They can be also used for construction of pavilions, and many other functions. The important thing is that urbanism is reduced to minimum. Less space for the system brings more space for human performance. More informations ..." (more)


By Meghan Duarte-Silva (USA) "For my redesign of Black Rock City, I decided to give Burning Man the one main thing it lacks: WATER! This Water-Drop urban plan holds many advantages, both logistically and creatively. Logistically, it maintains the polar-coordinate street system. This allows for easy navigation for emergency services to locate a specific block. (Even the amoebic-like reaches can be located by their time-name coordinates if you were to imagine the existing ring plan superimposed atop the whole BRC plot). It also allows for natural and organic additions or subtractions to the planned space to give future Burners and Municipal members freedom as ..." (more)