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By Jeffrey Smith (USA) "Since 2000, when it was first created, the experience of “the Temple” has evolved into something equal to the experience of “the Man”...the contemplative experience relating beautifully to the celebratory experience of the night before. Finding a way to pair “the Man” and “the Temple”, to frame Black Rock City with these two always very dramatic structures, now feels appropriate. Over the years great care has been taken with the site plan of Black Rock City. Perhaps a “simple evolution” can continue this in light of “the Temple’s” evolution. The grand sweep of Black Rock City streets and blocks is ..." (more)


By Phil Walker (United States) "This proposal would not redesign the overall plan, but would instead introduce a simple kit of parts for enhancing neighborhood design. These are elements which could be deployed to enhance the current masterplan configuration, or be applied to future iterations of the plan. Black Rock City has a clear, functional, and to many, beloved plan. This proposal would overlay additional intersection and street setbacks that could be applied to the current system of concentric and radial streets. The key to these new features is their simplicity- simple setbacks that are both easy to layout and to comprehend. Although simple, these ..." (more)