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By Edita Vinca, Fjolla Pustina, Kristina Radeska (Macedonia) "Focusing on making the orientation easier for the burners, the city divides in four parts, all having one marker in their center. Having more than just one referent point (the Burning Man) makes it easier for people to have a sense of direction, location and distance. Divided like this, it represents two cities: the one that's oriented to watch the sunrise, and the other one that looks toward the sunset. The city and the anticity ; the first one for the ones who are mesmerized by the rising of the sun, and the other for the ones that melt while ..." (more)


By Brian Shubat (United States) "Wow, I came here to submit my plan and looked through all the awesome ideas below, love 'em! I noticed some people were thinking along similar lines too. You'll notice some similarities in my design. My city design builds off the most recent 2015 brc layout and adds certain areas of focus with circular hub areas similar to center camp. Though what is at the center of these are more likely to be art projects than elaborate tent structures but it could be whatever. Sound camps are typically where you expect them to be. In this plan there are a ..." (more)