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By LUDALE (FRANCE) "CONNECTED PROJECT – CONFORMING CITY PLAN It is said that Burners are bound to the city map, but as the city expands, new problematics arises. Some adjustments needs to be done in order to preserve the spirit of the Playa and to protect it from various risks as: - having suburbs, distinguishing VIP zones and popular districts, introducing difficulties to participate/ to overcome barriers and join immediate experiences. - falling in a kind of monotony due to the repetition, radial after radial. - losing a part of creativity without assuming different identities from a district to another. Getting bigger is ..." (more)


By Hyper-i1 (United Kingdom) "Hyperi1's submission is a conforming city plan based on the existing pentagonal shape. The site is divided by 5 primary streets, and also sub-divided by another 5 secondary streets, all of which lead directly to the centre circle which will contain 'The Man' and other art installations. Surface streets follow a pentagonal pattern giving a clear view in either direction to a primary or secondary street which will be colour coded to give a highly efficient navigational aid to the inhabitants of Black Rock City. 'The Man' is also viewable from any primary or secondary street throughout the the city. ..." (more)