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By Segue Fischlin III (United States) "Black Rock Ministry of Urban Planning, My intense apologies for this late entry. You see, I was running a crowdfunding campaign and the entire cycle lasted an entire year (much longer than anticipated). In any case, it wasn't until this concluded that I had time to focus on this project. I hope that it is not too late for you to add it to your pool of possibilities. I came up with this design over 10 years ago, when it was becoming clear that the distances to walk from one part of the city to another on foot were becoming ..." (more)

By Padhraic Moneley (Ireland) "DESERT FLOWER Fractal Space: The basic spatial unit of our framework is best defined simply as an area enclosed by a notional boundary. This unit can be further articulated by allowing for a particular orientation, or axis, being determined by a preferred line of approach & point of entry. (Fig. i - Primary Unit). An arrangement of four such units around a shared central zone can then be seen to generate a series of pathways, each leading from the centre of the grouping to the exterior via a gateway zone. This whole may then in turn be enclosed within a ..." (more)


By Omar Rosario (Peru) "A Gift of the Incas ... The Tree of yunza, Peruvian tradition is a festival that lasts several days around a tree full of gifts hanging on the branches, on the last day of the festival, the tree is cut and gifts are given to participants. The proposal is a tree that embraces several participants stressed cocoons fabric. Urban facilities located nearby, will serve as illumination, axis location, Delimitation, safety and shelter for first-time visitors." (more)

By Eliza Voigt & Ned Wallace (USA) "This Black Rock City plan evokes the plan laid out by Pierre L’Enfant for the City of Washington, DC in 1791. Like L’Enfant, this plan envisions the major, public structures and spaces on an adapted primary and secondary axis converging at the Man and connected by grand avenues and diagonal streets. The centerpiece of L'Enfant's plan was a great "public walk” linking the public buildings together with the major public spaces." (more)


By bibi (FR) "blurred lines... the limit between 'public' center and 'private' areas becomes unclear. main lanes get extremely wide while closing in on the Man. the Parade infiltrates these breaches. the overall plan follows a rainbow spectrum along the pentagon outline. five giant balloons materialise it, floating high at each boundary angle. each radius is then identified by a specific colour. each row is identified by a specific shape. a flag sums it up at each corner. NB : blurred but straight lines for open perspectives wherever you are." (more)


By Lucia Mackova (Czech Republic) "Space for increasement of the Black Rock City is provided by closing the circle. Thus the playa becomes a strong and safe inward looking element in the vast desert. In order to provide a larger variety of meeting places, two squares and a larger camp centre is designed. Those are connected by wider avenues and a semi-circular promenade, where people can watch the funny vehicles and people passing by. There are also three islets outside of the city boundary. Placed on the axis of the main avenues, they attract people to explore the desert. One of them is the new ..." (more)

By TRUYMAN (France) "Burning Man Rings! Dear BRC urban planning, I am happy to have some news form you! To make evolve the plan of BRC is a strong and great idea. I drew some plans for you on last december. I was looking for a solution to make evolve the actual plan of BRC from itself: It's actually two solutions that can be used independently and both in the same time. with places for more art, a longer Esplanade and quick axes like broadway in Manhattan. It's not even a big transformation of the actual BRC plan but an evolution of it. ..." (more)

By Mathias Lehner (The Nehtherlands) "Energizing the Future - Black Rock City Development Programme: Securing the future potential of Black Rock City with a Playa Boulevard layout that energizes traffic flows and introduces Arrival Gates that combine event spaces and energy production. ---When ten thousands of burners energize in the temporary set up of Black Rock City, the festival leaves a mind-expanding impression in their personal lives without leaving traces in the desert. However, despite the successful efforts of the annual final clean up, the current setup of the man shows great potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. Half day long traffic ..." (more)


By Curtis Husted (United States) "Who doesn't love more esplanade space? Double arc design allows twice the area for prime space. The addition of a 3rd sound camp creates a new dynamic to BRC. The theme camps who love to be around the party will create their own atmosphere with this new connection." (more)

By Miho Omori/Momoka Hikida/Romain Marchetti (Japan) "We focused on the radial street consisting of the time axis, and we propose the different gates of the height and colors. The gates indicate the street by using the textile which are 1-3 sheets of different number.For example, main streets(3:00/6:00/9:00) are using 3 sheets of textile. Because there are camp center and aid station, many people will visit. The gates express in 12 colors that are gradation from red to orange and white, towards the outside from the Burning Man. And each color has a meaning, red is "PASSION", orange is "SUN", white is "FREEDOM". The gates are arranged ..." (more)

By morisod charlotte (Switzerland ) "Hi ! I'm a student from switzerland, I tried to draw a new proposition for the burning man's plan, here it is, thank you for giving us some creative work to do ! (And sorry for my language that is probably the worst !) The point of this intervention is to give a chance to the main festival to come inside the camping. I imagine the plan as a Delta, when the river go into the sea, here the sea is the art and the heart of burning man, and the fleuve‘’ will be the art that came inside the ..." (more)

By Ana Melnicenco (Moldova) "For the design of the Black Rock City Festival 2016 I got inspired by the fractal patterns we find in Nature. The fact of using the same pattern in 3 different scales creates an extremely simple coordinate system. An address in the city can now be find out by the use of just 3 coordinates. An example of how to localize the Islet Nr. 2.1.1. is provided in the drawing. Thus every address in the city is directly and quickly reachable from its center. Moreover, this organization of space offers, besides the center gathering space, some extra open spaces for ..." (more)

By Tim Molinare (USA) "" (more)

By Maryann Bucci - Carter (USA) "Thank You for the opportunity to submit ideas! I am determined to make this upload successful! Introduction Black Rock City's Possible Future….Cyber World’s Fair….Creative Commons Contribution There are some cities homo sapiens love exploring and wandering through. They contain neighborhoods that capture the imagination and draw people into them. It is not always evident why some are more successful than others. Some neighborhoods just make people feel comfortable. It appears that this success is achieved by not one single set of rules, but influenced by a unique variety of factors and characteristics present in each individual city. What works in ..." (more)

By Francesca Nicolas (USA) "The Entertainment Design Corporation is pleased to submit three alternate masterplans for Black Rock City This plan is submitted by Francesca Nicolas and Alex Calle. See Birds Eye view and Site Plan at the following link: This mathematical plan and organizing structure is informed by three circles within the pentagram. The concept does not change the current alignment of The Temple and The Man as it conforms with the sacred sights of the world aligning to the Sirius star system. Some of the ideas expressed in this masterplan embody suggestions from veteran Burners. Throughout the design process, the more ..." (more)


By Francisco (Spain) "When creating a new plan for Black Rock City, we have based our work on several fundamental premises. We must conceive the urban plan as an evolution, a starting point in which the burners orient themselves easily and which has provided them with an iconic image. The truth is, all of us would recognize BRC’s layout anywhere. Besides, we had to deal with the need for optimizing space, so we opted for a fractal design based on the current design. We have chosen to add another layer to the current coordinate system, days, thereby giving the city a coordinate system ..." (more)

By Chip Webster (United States) "THE SUNDIAL The Solman city plan is oriented to true North with the radial streets laid out such that it results in a sundial two miles in diameter. Each radial street aligns to the corresponding time of day, with the sun in line with that street at that time. Carrying the sundial concept one step further, the Man himself is also a sundial (the world’s second largest), where a series of towers surrounding the man support cylindrical lenses that focus the sun’s rays onto the chest of the man in the shape of the corresponding time. In addition to the ..." (more)


By felix ganzer (Austria) "" (more)

By Hagit Gruteke-Koubi (Israel) "Creation @ Orientation Orientation is one of the most important qualities of a contemporary place as this.This place should have a clear division without taking the attention from the main square. Therefore is being created a 3 color urban system. The magenta one contain a serial of cubic arches that are being changed into illuminating floor circles as it enters the main square. The yellow one uniting two radial streets into one segment.That one will be later on designed by an artist. Especially the yellow columns forest outside the area. The last one is the green one. A system of ..." (more)

By John Schneider (United States) "I utilize the shield element inside of the pentagram with one point perspective to have all the points converge on the almighty. Burn = Fire = Sun = Life. I chose to include two auxillary area's for art activities and to have four emergency substations to better help those in need when the time arises." (more)


By Joseba (spain) "The shape follows the radial habitual distribution, but in order to get more exposed plots facing the central area, the shape has a geometrical shape that approaches and recede from the central point. The man is in the centre and the rest is around it, but for the south orientation, which remains open. The rest of the plan is divided in radial sections, each of them headed by a beak. This beak is supposed to be the representattive element of each section, such as sculptures, flags or any other element could be set here. The sections are grouped in five, ..." (more)

By Simone Abfalter (Austria) "This for Black Rock City designed Masterplan arises from the long promenade which is star-shaped divided into many individual access roads. At the end of this road there are various zonings which are including all desired areas and places. The plan is structured as a repeating formed fractal and ends up with the camping zone for cars. All areas are connected and there is good access to the man in the middle." (more)

By Michal Dvořák, Ivan Gogolák, Lukáš Grasse (Czech and Slovak Republic) "Ideal city of Black Rock excels with combination of ideal city concepts throughout the human history. Thus we want to celebrate ideas of future, freedom and past at the same time. Ideas about the city are always connected to ideas about its future and life – artwork, that is an inspiration even for today’s time – utopia, antiutopia, alternate history, adventure, paranormal, fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, psychedelic, and others. All these ideas live together in the ideal city of Black rock! From the Renaissance star pattern, through lattice arrangement of Asian and pre-Columbian cities to American and European cities ..." (more)


By Dhénin Patricia (Switzerland) "After some research , the plan was created with the idea of maximizing the limit of the pentagon , fill the remains . By expanding the plan, a secondary space was created to facilitate the flow of the infirmary. And pentagon shaped spaces are surrounded by some kind of neighborhood. This plan is more organized and airy." (more)

By Corinna Hiemer (Germany) "*Burning Man in Space* The main Area is surrounded by his own Starsystem. For the fabulous time all the beautyful people gather together in the desert, they form a new world full of power. To express the coming-together and generate short routs for all, I´ll put the Man right into the center. Within the circular system you have a simpel system for orientation. Every Startip ist having an own Planet, as Area for Art and Music, Temple... Also there are 5 more little Meetingpoints on the way to the Centre from the different campsites." (more)

By Scott "Glow Worm" Rogowski & Annika McPeek (USA) "This is Burning Man, the world's largest festival of radical self expression. Why limit ourselves to bilateral symmetry, and the shackles of precedent, when we have a universe of shapes to choose from and a blank canvas to paint upon? This year, let's build our city in the shape of a jagged nautilus shell." (more)

By Nadia Corovic (Switzerland) "A boulevard , a walk is required to connect directly to the semi-circle at the ends like the veins of a leaf . This boulevard is lined with trees ( artistic intervention ) that allow traffic to host the street from the sun to allow people to travel comfortably . This walk is like an oasis in the desert . A green area where you can refresh yourself . Seats will be made ​​available to allow meetings ." (more)

By Sergio Bianchi, Simone Fracasso, Chiara Pellegrin (Italy) "The idea is to convert the monocentric plan of actual BRC to a more organic shape with three different focus point. Introducing an elevated wood structure, 20m tall, that links all the city to give a totally new perspective of the event. This light structure runs around the three focus points and it has its core in the Man at the center of the plan. With its female shape this new BRC Plan enbrace the Man and give a lovely and temporary home for all the people participating to the event." (more)

By Jonathan Miller (United States) "This city design preserves the key familiar elements of the existing city layout, while providing some valuable enhancements to support the city's growth plus increased desire for participation. Inhabitants will find comfort in its familiarity and excitement and opportunity in its enhancements. The main improvement is the new central promenade which runs the entire length of the arc in the middle of the city. This more than triples the total coastline provided by the current Esplanade and gives more camps the opportunity to obtain highly prized frontage, where they can display their creations and interact with the citizenry. (New frontage ..." (more)


By Stephanie Odu, Louis Rutherford, Alicia Savage (Lebanon/UK) "Concept To use Black Rock City as a precedent model for increasing social mobility in expanding refugee cities. Aim To offer a sense of purpose and belonging to communities who have been marginalised and segregated due to acts of war. How This Will be Achieved • The creation of more centres "Hearts" for social interaction • Implementation of a bike-share system to connect hearts and communities situated at the extremities • Creating infrastructure based around the use of bamboo, promoting a sustainable future, where new or pre-existing skills are applied to this material encouraging communities to thrive High res dropbox ..." (more)


By Victor Puzin (Russia) "Deserts fire flower. like sun, like flower. system that grow up from the center" (more)

By Sergio Bianchi, Simone Fracasso, Chiara Pellegrin (Italy) "A Navajo healing mandala representing 4 snakes that spiral out in 4 directions is the main source of inspiration for the plan. Just as Burning Man, the mandala, once its purpose is fulfilled, is ‘erased’, leaving nothing behind except the transformative healing energy it has created. The temple faces East, just as the Navajo mandalas faced East to receive divine blessing and face the Unknown. The North and South snakes are passageways that stem from the burning man and gradually elevate as they spiral out, offering a raised view of the playa as well as providing shelter from the sun. ..." (more)

By Jeffrey Smith (USA) "Since 2000, when it was first created, the experience of “the Temple” has evolved into something equal to the experience of “the Man”...the contemplative experience relating beautifully to the celebratory experience of the night before. Finding a way to pair “the Man” and “the Temple”, to frame Black Rock City with these two always very dramatic structures, now feels appropriate. Over the years great care has been taken with the site plan of Black Rock City. Perhaps a “simple evolution” can continue this in light of “the Temple’s” evolution. The grand sweep of Black Rock City streets and blocks is ..." (more)


By Zorica Zeljkovic (Austria) "BLACK ROCK CITY Zeljkovic Zorica Connecting auxiliary line from the pentagonal boundaries to the center and from that I made that form, that was main Idea. Form is symmetry, clear and easy to understand." (more)

By Eran Ziv (Israel) "BRC - Getting Bigger Better With constantly growing numbers of participants, Black Rock City has to accommodate more and more burners, camps and villages, while making it more accessible. The new plan seeks to create bigger grounds for camps with more compact urban settings and better public spaces, have better orientation throughout the city, and achieve it without giving up the core values of the existing plan. Villages - Circles of burners: As villages are already an integral part of Burning Man, the "Pentagonal Village City" establishes the villages and create a system of 5 circles - 4 "Big villages" ..." (more)

By Mikael Strugar (Australia) "Our proposal for Burningman festival targets a social and ecological transformation by softening the dichotomy of human-nature and ephemeral-permanence concepts. In addition to focusing on the motto ‘leave no trace’, we propose leaving functional and permanent traces on the site and on the festival attendees for ecological and social change. Our design is sympathetic to the current desert conditions and +200mm annual rainfall. The current topsoil conditions are poor and biological fertility is low. To increase fostered and natural growth, we have employed the keyline concept for an ever evolving improvement of the soil. Key line aims to spread water ..." (more)

By Tomáš (Slovakia) "Burning man represents freedom an artistic view of the world. The idea of urbanism of this kind of festival can’t be based on classical urban equipment such as street or areas. Urbanism of Burning man needs freedom. It needs as minimalistic definition of space as possible. We decided to define space of the festival through the columns. The columns represent the main orientational grid. They can be also used for construction of pavilions, and many other functions. The important thing is that urbanism is reduced to minimum. Less space for the system brings more space for human performance. More informations ..." (more)


By Matteo Beccia (Italy) "EMBRACE The proposal wants to reinterpret the oval form as an EMBRACE for the burners. The formal reference is the BAROQUE Bernini’s San Pietro square, where the columns embrace the pilgrims coming to the Basilica. The oval is based on two circles, each one host at its center a reference camp. The whole composition is built on a main AXIS. It starts at the entrance gate, points at the burning man and ends at the temple, in the deep playa. The main axis is built from SW to NE. The SUN IS RISING AND SETTING ON IT. The burning man ..." (more)


By Brian Shubat (United States) "Wow, I came here to submit my plan and looked through all the awesome ideas below, love 'em! I noticed some people were thinking along similar lines too. You'll notice some similarities in my design. My city design builds off the most recent 2015 brc layout and adds certain areas of focus with circular hub areas similar to center camp. Though what is at the center of these are more likely to be art projects than elaborate tent structures but it could be whatever. Sound camps are typically where you expect them to be. In this plan there are a ..." (more)


By Robinson Cueva Esparza (Austria) "Finally Home Finally Free is an intent to give a new turnback to the traditional burning man statue that has been built every year. It features a man that has liberated himself from the daily status quo prison that keeps him static in the established american society. At the end of his/her liberation the husk that keeps him still breaks and falls around him leaving a trace of light/energy paths that lead the visitor's view to the arm raised liberated man in the center." (more)


By Jeffrey Smith (USA) "Since 2000, when it was first created, the experience of “the Temple” has evolved into something equal to the experience of “the Man”...the contemplative experience relating beautifully to the celebratory experience of the night before. Finding a way to pair “the Man” and “the Temple”, to frame Black Rock City with these two always very dramatic structures, now feels appropriate. Given Black Rock City’s immense growth a “complex evolution” may be in order; one that acknowledges the evolution of “the Temple” and that also creates a richer and more elaborate family of large scale outdoor spaces. Each half of the ..." (more)


By (Macedonia) "While working on this design we created a game of light and darkness. As the people on this event are moving all around one same focal point we are getting used to seeing the same symbiosis all around us. The constant multiplication of the same elements contains the feeling that we want to see something different. So in between camping sites we set blank spaces for self-expression of the participants. Shifting perspectives of different arts shall be created and experienced by the visitors and for the visitors, by moving along the rings and through the radial streets, the visitors will ..." (more)

By Ezequiel Schreiber (Argentina) "NOMAD ARENA A gateway to fantasy, a passage to entertainment where everything impossible becomes reality; time seems to stop or to speed up and everything changes slowly or fast giving way to a magical world. . A community united in experimentation. . A territory that lies between natural [the desert] and anthropised [circus] . A landscape with different scales and different way to approach that can be altered from the various movements associated with experiences. . Travelers arriving from around the world to build a new map of diversity to develop in a community. . The movement is the core ..." (more)


By Sarah Pullman (Canada) "Embodying momentum in it's mobile expression of micro to macro, this ideation emphases the element of life in and of ourselves. Spacious and sectioned with form and void with vistas interconnecting the inside out & outside in, Quixotic maintains Black Rock City's chronicle, while encouraging motion as the city breathes." (more)


By Catia da Silva (Canada) "One of my favorite past times wherever I travel is walking though cities to get to know its urban fabric and learn from its inhabitants. I had the privilege to walk through Black Rock City in 2012 on several morning and evening walks. Drawing from my own Urban Design experience the following are features of the city that this proposal seeks to enhance. | Orientation: Navigating Through the City | At the center of the city is the Man and at 12 o’clock is the Temple. These are the two main landmark beacons of the city and the points by ..." (more)

By Pierre Longhini - Prasanna Daniel Elangko (Switzerland) "Black Rock City's demographical growth has called upon us to rethink its city planning and spaces which have become much too small for a population that is constantly growing. Black Rock City has in itself two frontiers, one turned towards the outside world, and one between the center and the peripheries which are called "Walk-In Camp". The concept of this proposal is based upon these periphery areas and how they can become as important and attractive as the center. People who are living in these spaces are as if left apart, on their own, and this gives them their own ..." (more)

By arch. georg nothdurfter (Italy) "---- The flower plan 2016 ---- We adopted the conforming city plan of 2015 and improved it with the following new aspects: An installation-free area between the burning man and the man`s gate has been established, in order to get a free view of the man through the man`s gate into the infinite desert. All installations are arranged within the main circle street Chronos and the Inner circle. The street names within the arc are taken from the old Greek mythology and alternate between female and male. We maintained the Esplenade from the last year city-plan. 0 Esplenade 1 Theia ..." (more)


By Joakim Christensen (Denmark) "In the vast open space of Black Rock Desert, orientation is a key element of a succesful city plan. Another just as important aspect is the fact that Burning Man is a festival centered on creativity, self-expression and art. Focusing on these two key elements derived from the burner community, i present to you the Burning Plan. In order to increase the artistic expression of the city form, the street layout has been completely redesigned based on emergent urbanism, chaos theory and inspiration in fractal patterns and nature. This new pattern emphasizes burner culture and is a visualization of the ..." (more)


By filip (macedonia) "Our Design uses the already defined pentagonal form and incorporates better, faster and more clear understanding and navigation in the space that is provided. By using strait, diagonal and parallel streets (which define a pentagram)we were able to find a way to get from point A to point B by covering less ground and less time.Check out our design at" (more)

By Hyper-i1 (United Kingdom) "Hyperi1's submission is a conforming city plan based on the existing pentagonal shape. The site is divided by 5 primary streets, and also sub-divided by another 5 secondary streets, all of which lead directly to the centre circle which will contain 'The Man' and other art installations. Surface streets follow a pentagonal pattern giving a clear view in either direction to a primary or secondary street which will be colour coded to give a highly efficient navigational aid to the inhabitants of Black Rock City. 'The Man' is also viewable from any primary or secondary street throughout the the city. ..." (more)


By Phil Walker (United States) "This proposal would not redesign the overall plan, but would instead introduce a simple kit of parts for enhancing neighborhood design. These are elements which could be deployed to enhance the current masterplan configuration, or be applied to future iterations of the plan. Black Rock City has a clear, functional, and to many, beloved plan. This proposal would overlay additional intersection and street setbacks that could be applied to the current system of concentric and radial streets. The key to these new features is their simplicity- simple setbacks that are both easy to layout and to comprehend. Although simple, these ..." (more)


By Ben Dieckmann (Germany) "A complying scheme that keeps the form, the size and the orientation but tries to improve the system by: 1. the solar time (names and numbers by the real time (24h, daytime saving)) 2. a safer place with better orientation (more & solely nummeric (24h, 4 quarters of each 15min) quadrants and one sole logic for the placing of functions) 3. separating car traffic ("the ring" as the most outer ring for car access and car lane "trees" as dead end, sole car access and rescue routes always at "30min"; all other routes, i.e. the main routes at the full ..." (more)


By Adrian Labaut Hernandez (Italy) "Honest architecture does not follow the tendencies of fashion, is direct and unique, as its goal is the perfection in use. Durability and versatility. Housing over pilotis, huts, stalls, wooden structures, all of them created in some moments by nonprofessionals, with the only finality of being useful and long lasting. The riches quality of this approach to the profession, is the honestly and substance of each project, some of them can be considered masterpieces due to their final result, and of undeniable intellectual superiority in comparison with actual architectures. It is obvious that in actual conditions, a method of composition, ..." (more)

By Andrei Shcherbak (Russian Federation) "The plan is very simple-organized, it is much simpler in comparison with the previous plan. The idea is to fill the pentagon to the maximum. Every section has two public squares, where people can get access to social welfare system (first aid, police service, shower cubicles, bicycle rent). Besides, art pieces can be found there. Each section has a portal with a view of the burning man. The central camping is situated along the main street. The burning man is in the center of the pentagon." (more)


By Hannah Zora Buschek (Austria) "My city pan for the burning man festival is less of a city layout and more of a propsal in terms of the walking infrastructure inside the camp and grounds. Reseaching and looking through the areal mapings and satelite photos, I noticed that the people who attended the festival used certain pathways that lead straight to an artwork or event. This created a beatiful pattern on the ground, through the people that walk and bike to the sites. My idea would be to create a walking or biking infrastructure that creates its own map and gets recoginzed as part of ..." (more)


By Chip Webster (USA) "THE SUNDIAL The Solman city plan is oriented to true North with the radial streets laid out so that we result in a sundial 1.5 miles in diameter. Each radial street aligns to the corresponding time of day, with the sun in line with that street at that time. Carrying the sundial concept one step further, the Man himself is also a sundial (the world’s second largest), where a series of towers surrounding the man support cylindrical lens that focus the sun’s rays onto the chest of the man in the shape of the corresponding time. In addition to the ..." (more)


By Skye N. (United States) "This is a proposal that builds upon the the utility of the lamplighter spires in order to enhance the lamplighter gift of navigation (Illumination, Navigation, Celebration). It is designed with any radial city plan in mind and can be scaled up to include more then the esplanade radial intersections as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Entering/exiting radial streets from Esplanade, in a clear, oriented manner can be difficult at night time, due to the fact that road signs are both unlit and frequently stolen towards the end of the burn. By expanding upon the the lamplighter spire infrastructure and making additions to the ..." (more)


By Brian McConnell (United States) "This is a segment from a Koch snowflake, a basic fractal pattern. This type of pattern can be applied to the Esplanade to increase the length of the street and the amount of frontage for playa facing camps. Each iteration of the pattern increases the length of the line by 4/3, so with three interations (shown in the drawing), the street length can be increased by a factor of 64/27 (about 2:4 to 1). This also makes the Esplanade look more like a natural shoreline with lots of coves to explore." (more)


By LUDALE (FRANCE) "CONNECTED PROJECT – CONFORMING CITY PLAN It is said that Burners are bound to the city map, but as the city expands, new problematics arises. Some adjustments needs to be done in order to preserve the spirit of the Playa and to protect it from various risks as: - having suburbs, distinguishing VIP zones and popular districts, introducing difficulties to participate/ to overcome barriers and join immediate experiences. - falling in a kind of monotony due to the repetition, radial after radial. - losing a part of creativity without assuming different identities from a district to another. Getting bigger is ..." (more)


By Federico Ferrazzino (Italy) "THE PURIFICATION MACHINE I would not like to write about the project I designed, hardly ever I have spent my time to explain what there was behind my idea. I guess you should watch and try to feel something. Is it a good idea? Is it absurd? Don’t you understand? It’s not important. Start feeling, then when you will be ready open the link and discover something more." (more)


By LeeAnn (Canada) "The critical function of a masterplan is to allow the occupants of a city to easily navigate a space that is out of human scale by providing points of reference. A successful masterplan is also capable of fostering a collective identity. The black rock city masterplan employs a network of singular built elements at critical intersections along the main spiral artery that act as reference points in a continuous wayfinding system that is unique in its locale. These hybrid tower-bridge elements break up the ground plane and allow for shifting perspectives at different elevations. In engaging one such element the ..." (more)


By mieke goris (belgium) "STING SWING CITY Patterns that evolve naturally are generally an optimized configuration for an assembly of elements under an interaction Nature found the optimal way of organizing as much seeds, buds and growth on the smallest amount of space. This is the optimal way of conducting this natural energy. The main name for these patterns found in nature is Fibonacci. Fibonacci was a mathematician who created a sequence of numbers, the first two numbers in the sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. The sequence is, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, ..." (more)

By Meghan Duarte-Silva (USA) "For my redesign of Black Rock City, I decided to give Burning Man the one main thing it lacks: WATER! This Water-Drop urban plan holds many advantages, both logistically and creatively. Logistically, it maintains the polar-coordinate street system. This allows for easy navigation for emergency services to locate a specific block. (Even the amoebic-like reaches can be located by their time-name coordinates if you were to imagine the existing ring plan superimposed atop the whole BRC plot). It also allows for natural and organic additions or subtractions to the planned space to give future Burners and Municipal members freedom as ..." (more)


By Francesco eco / (Italy) "Man and the perfect geometric shapes.. the math and the man.. like Vitruvian Man.. from Italy like Leonardo da Vinci to the World. Every street is circular and leads to the city center or on a Main Street and impossible to get lost. 2 gates and 2 squares secondary, an outer ring for emergencies or for services to the event and in the tip of the pentagon, in a big dedicated area the Burning Man which belongs to the main square. Seen from above the shape of a man who has the main square as the head, limbs as main ..." (more)


By Elias Cattan (Mexico) "CONNECT WITH THE SKY AND THE ELEMENTS. LOOK INTO YOUR INNER HARMONY. FEEL. WALK AND UNDERSTAND. LET THEM IN, THEY´RE HERE: THE PAIUTE. Black Rock City, a place of arid and harsh land, a magical dimension, home of the Paiutes. Who are they? They´re mystical people with cosmological rituals and the old tradition of looking at the universe through the dark night sky. Burning Man takes place here, because of the special connection with its history and the culture of its past. The place recovers the essence and roots of ancestors who crossed the great desert. The trace of the ..." (more)


By Kurt Gefke (USA) "The Entertainment Design Corporation is please to submit three alternate masterplan submissions for Black Rock City. This plan is submitted by Kurt Gefke. This mathematical plan and organizing structure is located within the pentagram and does not change the current alignment as it conforms with the sacred sights of the world, aligning to the Sirius star system. The ideas expressed here envision a totally different master plan based on suggestions from two twenty-year veterans of the Burning Man experience. Throughout the design process, the more traditional methods of reassessment, future expansion, operational issues, circulation, way-finding and view sights were adhered ..." (more)


By Jeremy Railton (USA) "The Entertainment Design Corporation is please to submit three alternate masterplan submissions for Black Rock City . This design is submitted by Jeremy Railton. See Birds Eye view and Site Plan at the following link: Entry A This mathematical plan and organizing structure is the fusion of the sacred geometry of the pentagram of Abundance and Creativity. This concept does not change the current alignment as it conforms with the sacred sights of the world aligning to the Sirius star system. The ideas expressed here in response to the competition document are an extension of the existing master plan ..." (more)


By Lorenzo Ceccon, Martina Jacobi (Italy, Brazil) "The "Phoenix" is an adaptable, parametric, self-supporting wooden element, designed to be an iconic multi-use pavilion for the street crossings of Black Rock City. As the mythological bird, the pavilion regenerates itself in every new location adapting to its constraints and user needs, burning to ashes in the end of the festival. The design process starts by the placing of the structures anchor points on the desired site, represented by simple lines and points. The structures overall shape is then computer generated, based on the position and correlation of this elements, defined user constrains, as height and scale, and a ..." (more)


By Elias (Lebanon) "One’s singularity is stimulated through his unique expressions. Burning Man is a city symbolizing all sorts of disconnection and de-materialization through a physical and ex-temporal space. Fractal geometry fragments the pentagonal plan, rendering it a complete detachment of what a city could look like whilst always obeying to a radical grid for easy accessing. The fractal system eats from the outer and the inner boundary of the pentagon, thus creating different spaces where one or groups could manage to ephemerally inhabit. The final shape obtained will be traced through vertical columns, serving as structural pillars for potential installations and tents. ..." (more)


By Jaan de Vici (United States) "Fractals are the sacred geometry of nature, the growth of trees, the structure of lungs, firing of neurons, the built environment of diverse communities. I dearly love the City that Rod Designed, but let us embrace the opportunity to build a more scalable city, the world’s first beyond transforming a grid. We can build a city out of the stuff of dreams that for the first time can reflect with its streets the shape of the way we love each other. Please see our website with animated diagrams of our design. Our design incorporates the Esplanade of Black Rock City ..." (more)


By Michael Colton (United States) "The plan introduces four new concepts into the existing city plan: diagonal avenues, beacon towers, the midway, and gateway arches. Diagonal avenues minimize travel times to other parts of the city and serve as collector routes from the letter and number streets. The diagonals also help activate the plazas by funneling traffic to those areas and making them prime locations for theme camps. Beacon towers serve as vertical landmarks in Deep Playa and are the visual terminus of several of the diagonal avenues. Their height makes them optimal viewing platforms for orientation and views over the city. At night, they ..." (more)


By orash MONTAZAMI (France) "Please use our High definition Submission in pdf format, provided with the URL. Burning Man Statement Organized complexity Since it's inception, Burning Man remains a festival renowned for it's radical ethos. As the festival has grown, so too has its image as a laboratory for experimentation, yet the city plan has remained largely unchanged since 2000. This proposal re-conceptualizes the plan for Black Rock City to highlight and celebrate the experimental nature of the festival whilst improving the pedestrian experience & the “Burners” interaction. Generative Design This project investigates the possibility of a plan which has the ability to transform ..." (more)


By Vassil Tzanov (Bulgaria) "The plan below uses the 99's Black Rock city design as a model and then "pentagonism" is applied. The pentagon is the city boundary and this influenced the work. The spine of the city is made of 1st iteration {5/1}-star-polygonal fractal (red pentagons), then the 2nd iteration (blue pentagons) and finally the fifth iteration (black pentagons filled with yellow). The yellow pentagons (the smallest) are computed by computer, however everything else is fitted by hand and processed with Incscape. Fractal coordinate system is applied and every pentagon has its unique number (except the Camp Center). The counting starts with 0 ..." (more)


By Nadica Pankovska, Joana Stojchevska (Macedonia) "Every individual in the world has different beliefs, rites, rituals, understandings and interpretations as well as a different way of ‘giving shape’ to the things in which it believes. Therefore, this solution improves and highlights the concept of freedom and the possibility of freedom of choice for the participants at this event. According to the analyses and research of different geometries and the possibilities they offer, we have found that the most appropriate geometrical form is the hexagon, which when divided or multiplied provides many possibilities for combining the units as well as their modular or fractal arranging. The shape ..." (more)


By Edita Vinca, Fjolla Pustina, Kristina Radeska (Macedonia) "Focusing on making the orientation easier for the burners, the city divides in four parts, all having one marker in their center. Having more than just one referent point (the Burning Man) makes it easier for people to have a sense of direction, location and distance. Divided like this, it represents two cities: the one that's oriented to watch the sunrise, and the other one that looks toward the sunset. The city and the anticity ; the first one for the ones who are mesmerized by the rising of the sun, and the other for the ones that melt while ..." (more)


By MDX2 (Macedonia) "The approach is primarily keeping the orientation, size, focus, access and entrance of the existing plan. The idea is a geometrical and symbolical proposal which achieves more public spaces that are easily accessible, larger art installation space, extensive esplanade with multiple vistas and temples surrounding the camps. The gain is activating other spaces beside the esplanade. The plan is a hexagram (compound of two equilateral triangles) which symbolizes raised consciousness, that resembles one triangle pointing up with another pointing down imposed over the first, which is pointing to both heaven represented by the temple and earth represented by the entrance ..." (more)