For my redesign of Black Rock City, I decided to give Burning Man the one main thing it lacks: WATER!

This Water-Drop urban plan holds many advantages, both logistically and creatively.

Logistically, it maintains the polar-coordinate street system. This allows for easy navigation for emergency services to locate a specific block. (Even the amoebic-like reaches can be located by their time-name coordinates if you were to imagine the existing ring plan superimposed atop the whole BRC plot).

It also allows for natural and organic additions or subtractions to the planned space to give future Burners and Municipal members freedom as the population, ideas, and priorities of BRC change and evolve.

Creatively, the undulating edge envelops the open camp and art space into the living area through the many ‘cul-de-sac’ shaped spaces that essentially act as satellite mini-Playa and Esplanades. These spaces encourage a ‘neighborhood’ camaraderie and promote a local focus area for Themed Camps’ art and activities. The extra droplets arranged around the ‘water’ provide space for communal activities or performances, studio space, and emergency services headquarters. The 16 mile walk and bike path that would ring the water drop encourages Burners to go in, out, and all around BRC to interact with others and the surrounding art.

The Water-Drop plan naturally creates spaces and flow that speak to the 10 Principles of Burning Man and can be a real success!