Wow, I came here to submit my plan and looked through all the awesome ideas below, love 'em! I noticed some people were thinking along similar lines too. You'll notice some similarities in my design.

My city design builds off the most recent 2015 brc layout and adds certain areas of focus with circular hub areas similar to center camp. Though what is at the center of these are more likely to be art projects than elaborate tent structures but it could be whatever.

Sound camps are typically where you expect them to be. In this plan there are a couple of separated islands that could host major sound stage camps or a giant art installation. It should be noted that the center of the left (inner-most) one of these two islands marks the location of where 2:00 and Esplanade would be if this where a truly traditionally symmetrical brc city map. Which segues into to the next detail.

This map is obvious asymmetrical at first glance, but notice that the esplanade recedes a row after each hub following counter-clockwise. Streets A and B do not follow all the way around but end at center camp. C street is the first one to go around to the other side, even then it doesn't quite reach 2:00. Too confusing? Perhaps. The idea of asymmetrical design in this deliberate manner was originally inspired from an observation, I'm somehow intrigued by, that the southern 2:00 burb of the city rarely gets filled in unlike the 10:00 counterpart.

With this design it stretches out the esplanade and provides more real estate while also providing distinct locales throughout the city. It's got a cool asymmetrical design and yet built from the existing arc-ring plan and can adhere to street naming convention and also incorporates new street elements. Please comment if you want, I'm already thinking of revamping this design and submitting a new one.