Fractals are the sacred geometry of nature, the growth of trees, the structure of lungs, firing of neurons, the built environment of diverse communities. I dearly love the City that Rod Designed, but let us embrace the opportunity to build a more scalable city, the world’s first beyond transforming a grid. We can build a city out of the stuff of dreams that for the first time can reflect with its streets the shape of the way we love each other.

Please see our website with animated diagrams of our design.

Our design incorporates the Esplanade of Black Rock City with a fundamentally fractal design. The finding directions is similar to grid cardinal directions and is completely well-defined. Clear access for safety and sanitation is fundamental to our design. We think this design can accommodate a 43% increase in population without increasing vehicle passes. The city combines a beautiful reflection of our City heritage’s design with an exciting new reflection of our deepest human designs.