Ideal city of Black Rock excels with combination of ideal city concepts throughout the human history. Thus we want to celebrate ideas of future, freedom and past at the same time. Ideas about the city are always connected to ideas about its future and life – artwork, that is an inspiration even for today’s time – utopia, antiutopia, alternate history, adventure, paranormal, fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, psychedelic, and others. All these ideas live together in the ideal city of Black rock! From the Renaissance star pattern, through lattice arrangement of Asian and pre-Columbian cities to American and European cities intersected with avenues, through Russian modernism to city visions of the 60’s and today. Proposed idea can be applied on the current plan as a concept of aesthetization and orientation, but also as a whole new concept for the festival layout. Both forms have very good recognizable and generative possibilities. Use of patterns helps to enhance the edges of the city for the needs of performers. Concept of new layout of the plan may have two basic forms: 1. Layers – „Mandala“ of ideal city Patterns are placed one after another. Patterns vary gradually according to the distance form The Man and The Temple. 2. Sectors – „Hours“ of ideal city Patterns are placed next to each other. Patterns vary gradually according to hours of The Man and The Temple Concept of aesthetization of the current plan may also have two basic forms: 1. Areas – theme parks of the city, spaces and objects 2. Axes – thematic axes of the city