Our proposal for Burningman festival targets a social and ecological transformation by softening the dichotomy of human-nature and ephemeral-permanence concepts. In addition to focusing on the motto ‘leave no trace’, we propose leaving functional and permanent traces on the site and on the festival attendees for ecological and social change.

Our design is sympathetic to the current desert conditions and +200mm annual rainfall. The current topsoil conditions are poor and biological fertility is low. To increase fostered and natural growth, we have employed the keyline concept for an ever evolving improvement of the soil. Key line aims to spread water evenly through the site and enable sufficient runoff to reduce washouts during high rainfall periods. Over a 5 to 10 year period, the desert landscape can be regenerated, soil conditioned and made fertile for new endemic growth.

Please find attached at the Dropbox link provided a high res copy o our submission in both colour and black and white.


Mikael Strugar

Kaan Ozgun