Hyperi1's submission is a conforming city plan based on the existing pentagonal shape. The site is divided by 5 primary streets, and also sub-divided by another 5 secondary streets, all of which lead directly to the centre circle which will contain 'The Man' and other art installations. Surface streets follow a pentagonal pattern giving a clear view in either direction to a primary or secondary street which will be colour coded to give a highly efficient navigational aid to the inhabitants of Black Rock City. 'The Man' is also viewable from any primary or secondary street throughout the the city.

An image of a man which appears to be cradling the centre circle will be formed by using lights which will only become visible at dusk. This image represents humanity and the cradle of human creativity. The pentagon is divided to represent the 5 continents of planet earth. Each primary street draws people in from all directions towards where the burning of the man will take place.

This design is intended to create an ambitious piece of art, whilst also creating a logical and easily navigable city plan.