Since 2000, when it was first created, the experience of “the Temple” has evolved into something equal to the experience of “the Man”...the contemplative experience relating beautifully to the celebratory experience of the night before. Finding a way to pair “the Man” and “the Temple”, to frame Black Rock City with these two always very dramatic structures, now feels appropriate.

Over the years great care has been taken with the site plan of Black Rock City. Perhaps a “simple evolution” can continue this in light of “the Temple’s” evolution. The grand sweep of Black Rock City streets and blocks is split in two. The two parts frame the same 5,000’ diameter space with “Center Camp” now in the center. Splaying radial streets create expanding spaces on each side open to the surrounding desert for “the Temple” and “the Man”. An extra wide street helps draw the outer reaches of the city into the overall plan and makes another connection to the two parts of the city.

Addressing and orientation would be the same,“10:00, 11:00....2:00” would mean you are on the north side,“4:00, 5:00.....8:00” on the south.