It is said that Burners are bound to the city map, but as the city expands, new problematics arises.

Some adjustments needs to be done in order to preserve the spirit of the Playa and to protect it from various risks as:

- having suburbs, distinguishing VIP zones and popular districts, introducing difficulties to participate/ to overcome barriers and join immediate experiences.

- falling in a kind of monotony due to the repetition, radial after radial.

- losing a part of creativity without assuming different identities from a district to another.

Getting bigger is a fantastic opportunity to design perspectives and skylines. We aims to take this opportunity to magnify the landscape. The connected project is the next step to loose and find yourself in a deep experience:

- Respecting the initial master plan

- Opening fantastic perspectives (Endless perspectives/ Annular MutanDrome/ Deep playa doors…)

- Encouraging radical self experience, district by district, throw different identities (4 disctricts )

- Respecting human scale over the city (different urban scales, souk, streets, boulevards, places, Arena...).

Connected project aims to focus on Burners as a collective and thinks Black Rock City as a living organism. Burners spread their energy over the city like oxygen spreads life throughout an organism. The actual Black Rock City urban plan is structured with streets and radials, but all of them are symmetrical / regular/ at the same size. Our concept gets inspiration from the nature when the network of arteries and veins provides oxygen to the organs with different intensities, responding to different needs. Regarding to this philosophy, maybe one day you could feel Leonardo Da Vinci’s spirit and his perpetual movement machina, blowing over the playa.


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