The Solman city plan is oriented to true North with the radial streets laid out such that it results in a sundial two miles in diameter. Each radial street aligns to the corresponding time of day, with the sun in line with that street at that time. Carrying the sundial concept one step further, the Man himself is also a sundial (the world’s second largest), where a series of towers surrounding the man support cylindrical lenses that focus the sun’s rays onto the chest of the man in the shape of the corresponding time. In addition to the myriad of time based opportunities that the two sundials offer, the entire city will serve as a giant timepiece to aid burners in getting to their workshops on time.


One of the primary criteria in the development of the Solman Plan is to increase the amount of frontage interface between stationary based activities and movement based activities. Currently, The Esplanade serves as the primary interface. The introduction of The Boulevard increases this edge by more than four fold. Additionally, The Boulevard will bring more community based activities into the core of the city, while also serving as a secondary major thoroughfare through the city.


A second primary criterion of the Solman Plan is to create more recognizable destination based locations. This is where the planets come in. The six primary planets are organized concentrically around the Man in a clockwise fashion, beginning with Mercury at the beginning of The Boulevard. This puts Earth at Center Camp, flanked by Venus and Mars located in central plazas in the city, representing the Yin Yang energies of female and male. Jupiter terminates The Boulevard, while Saturn floats freely as The Temple. The three secondary planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are mobile large scale art car planets. Each planet represents traditional spiritual concepts associated with that planet.

Mercury – Travel Intelligence

Venus – Female Passion

Earth – Resource Grounded

Mars – Male Protection

Jupiter – Teaching Fortune

Saturn – Melancholy Honor

Uranus – Inspiration Change

Neptune – Perception Imagination

Pluto – Reflection Regeneration


The Moon is located on the axis connecting the Earth to the Sun, symbolizing and honoring the recent Total Solar Eclipse that occurs less than two weeks before Burning Man 2017, swiping a path across the entire United States from the Oregon coast of the Pacific to the South Carolina coast of the Atlantic.