In the vast open space of Black Rock Desert, orientation is a key element of a succesful city plan. Another just as important aspect is the fact that Burning Man is a festival centered on creativity, self-expression and art.

Focusing on these two key elements derived from the burner community, i present to you the Burning Plan. In order to increase the artistic expression of the city form, the street layout has been completely redesigned based on emergent urbanism, chaos theory and inspiration in fractal patterns and nature. This new pattern emphasizes burner culture and is a visualization of the many cracks of the playa. Hopefully it also adds to the enjoyable labyrinthic feeling that older town centres often produce, when visiting cities like prague or Cádiz.

In order to increase orientation four landmarks has been added so that the city now consists of six including The Temple and The Man. These four will greatly increase positioning, as well as being equipped with light in order to function as beautilful beacons in the night. They can be easily decorated to fit the theme of the year.

Furthermore the city has been divided into seven colored districts. The districts and colors are aranged following the shape of the city borders, so that they transform the city into a giant rainbow. By coloring the lamp-posts of the districts to match the specific color, ones position in the city can be easily established.

The new street design shortens the average trip through the city by 26%, and by ejecting Center Camp, approximatly 750 feet of esplanade is freed up, and 38.000 extra square feet of camping is added to the city.

In order for the city to adapt, new diagonal roads can be added as needed, thereby customizing the city to suit the needs of the people. In Center Camp a magnetic map of the city makes it possible for the inhabitants to move diagonal roads around or add new, in order to communicate these needs and wishes.