Burning Man Rings!

Dear BRC urban planning,

I am happy to have some news form you! To make evolve the plan of BRC is a strong and great idea. I drew some plans for you on last december. I was looking for a solution to make evolve the actual plan of BRC from itself: It's actually two solutions that can be used independently and both in the same time. with places for more art, a longer Esplanade and quick axes like broadway in Manhattan. It's not even a big transformation of the actual BRC plan but an evolution of it. Center camp is really an interesting place because you can turn around and have something big in the middle, a big tent or a big art machine.

I am a 35 years old architect and I want to be a part of temple crew in 2016. I found an art association in Paris, France with some of my friends 2 years ago. I have built many structures such as a wolf or an 8 ft tall elephant. All those constructions are made in cupboard or wood I found in the streets or in trashes and we recycle everything in art. I am very interested in wooden and green friendly architecture, adaptable and removable designs this is also a part of my work as architect.

You will find in attachement a design for BRC.

​I look forward to your reply, please advice as necessary.

Sylve Truyman