A gateway to fantasy, a passage to entertainment where everything impossible becomes reality; time seems to stop or to speed up and everything changes slowly or fast giving way to a magical world.

. A community united in experimentation.

. A territory that lies between natural [the desert] and anthropised [circus]

. A landscape with different scales and different way to approach that can be altered from the various movements associated with experiences.

. Travelers arriving from around the world to build a new map of diversity to develop in a community.

. The movement is the core of the proposal. Expressed by different speeds, ranging from quieter to vertigo.

A circular space with concentric layers. From outside to inside they are located:

1. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčtents, rest, swimming, storage and parking.

2. The space observation stands, chairs and seats.

3. The jump area

4. The pedestrian circuit

5. The bicycle circuit

6. The central space of high friction where all leisure activities, always on wheeled carts or platforms that "convey the fun".

Three huge entrances converge in the central arena that we propose. At the end, we plan to burn the man in this space.

The staging of this nomad arena is just awesome, from the music used to the innate talent of the artists. The quality of his productions are at a high level of originality, imagination, beauty and elegance; whose mission is to invoke the imagination, the senses and evoke the emotions of people invited to participate from around the world."