This is a proposal that builds upon the the utility of the lamplighter spires in order to enhance the lamplighter gift of navigation (Illumination, Navigation, Celebration).

It is designed with any radial city plan in mind and can be scaled up to include more then the esplanade radial intersections as well.


Entering/exiting radial streets from Esplanade, in a clear, oriented manner can be difficult at night time, due to the fact that road signs are both unlit and frequently stolen towards the end of the burn.

By expanding upon the the lamplighter spire infrastructure and making additions to the spires themselves, the navigability any radial city plan can be drastically improved.

With the simple addition of lightweight shade structures (with radial street number perforations) to lamplighter spires, they can become backlit street markers that are easy to see and less available to potential vandalism/removal.

In the traditional city plan, this would, in total, only add an additional 17 spires, which would not require much extra effort/manpower on the part of the lamplighters.


Note: The example rendered above can be seen in full, interactive 3d here: (or by clicking the website link below). The lighting is not accurate to real life. The intent is that the shade be reflective to enhance the light shining through the radial street number perforation. This is just one example of how such a shade could be designed.