We focused on the radial street consisting of the time axis, and we propose the different gates of the height and colors.

The gates indicate the street by using the textile which are 1-3 sheets of different number.For example, main streets(3:00/6:00/9:00) are using 3 sheets of textile. Because there are camp center and aid station, many people will visit.

The gates express in 12 colors that are gradation from red to orange and white, towards the outside from the Burning Man. And each color has a meaning, red is "PASSION", orange is "SUN", white is "FREEDOM".

The gates are arranged at different height and intervals, it was thought to allow various spatial experience.

The structure of the gates are made from bamboo, and it emits light by opening the aperture partially, at night. The light is reflected in the textile, it will create a fantastic space.