A complying scheme that keeps the form, the size and the

orientation but tries to improve the system by:

1. the solar time

(names and numbers by the real time (24h, daytime saving))

2. a safer place with better orientation

(more & solely nummeric (24h, 4 quarters of each 15min)

quadrants and one sole logic for the placing of functions)

3. separating car traffic

("the ring" as the most outer ring for car access and car lane "trees"

as dead end, sole car access and rescue routes always at "30min";

all other routes, i.e. the main routes at the full hours and every second

ring soleley as pedestrian and bicycle routes)

4. activation of camp ground

("the orbit" as a central activity backbone, connecting new "centers"

(sunrise point, noon town, suburbia, sunset city & midnight village) with

various major cultural, communal, social and organisational functions and

"places" (brunch, lunch, teatime and dinner) with the same but smaller

functions and more dedicated to food supply)

5. with equal treatment

(more attractive walk in camp grounds within the normal circular system,

and "the promenade" as inside, first row sites reserved only for camps

with the obligation to provide all days common functions for art, event & leisure)

6. becoming more affordable, diverse and international -

(providing more centralized common functions, ammenities and services,

allowing people to travel lighter (tents) and making it thus more affordable to

visit the festival)

7. becoming more sustainable

(centralization allowing more controllability in means of sustainability and

zero footprint)

8. more people & more attractions

(introducing more worship places such as "polaris" (towards polar north) and

"the woman" (in the sunrise axis during the festival))

9. a higher festival feeling

(by densification and valueing the space higher -separating camping

(incl. RVs & Caravans) from parking of all normal, "non-residential" cars

(e.g. Roskilde Festival/DK size and density), which is taking place on the

outer edge of the city);

... don't grow larger but bigger, grow more intense!