When creating a new plan for Black Rock City, we have based our work on several fundamental premises.

We must conceive the urban plan as an evolution, a starting point in which the burners orient themselves easily and which has provided them with an iconic image. The truth is, all of us would recognize BRC’s layout anywhere.

Besides, we had to deal with the need for optimizing space, so we opted for a fractal design based on the current design.

We have chosen to add another layer to the current coordinate system, days, thereby giving the city a coordinate system similar to the one it had until now, but that allows us to evolve towards a new, more optimal version.

By making a much less continuous esplanade we have accomplished a bigger coastline, so that all fields are much closer to the places where the activity takes place. We have also sought to maintain similar dimensions in the size of the plots, so that users can continue to enjoy the creation of thematic fields.

Furthermore a similar system of streets is kept, based on the hours for radial streets and sorted alphabetically for the concentric rings. All these streets will be of a similar size, except for the 3:00 and 9:00 streets, which will be wider to allow faster passage between the different rings.

When it comes to organizing thematic fields, coast places have been occupied, leaving the ones overlooking the main esplanade for the noisiest fields, in order to ensure the enjoyment of musical expression.

We have considered fundamental the reference of a Camp Center, a landmark for all burners, so we have placed it in the center ring. That way it remains equally close to all people. The idea is for it to have a similar structure to that used in the previous urban plan.

To ensure that everyone can have access to basic services (primary care, ice, rangers, post...), similarly to what happened previously with the 3:00 and 9:00 squares, we find two lateral fields with those services, so that they are available for everyone. When placing the bathrooms, they have been placed equidistant, trying to keep them in low-problem areas, but always where they are close to the people.

The artworks have been distributed among the different rings so that each ring has its own identity, and the rest of the pieces would be placed in order from one major piece to the burning man, leaving thus 7 major pieces besides the man. In addition, the temple will once again hold a main space.