The critical function of a masterplan is to allow the occupants of a city to easily navigate a space that is out of human scale by providing points of reference. A successful masterplan is also capable of fostering a collective identity. The black rock city masterplan employs a network of singular built elements at critical intersections along the main spiral artery that act as reference points in a continuous wayfinding system that is unique in its locale. These hybrid tower-bridge elements break up the ground plane and allow for shifting perspectives at different elevations. In engaging one such element the individual gains a greater sense of the whole and their orientation within it. The logarithmic spiral provided inspiration for the Black Rock City masterplan. This spiral occurs commonly in nature and can be observed at an infinite range of scales, from the arms of our galaxy to the double helix of our DNA. The spiral’s self-similarity means that the city can grow predictably and indefinitely without changing shape. Designed by David Butterworth, Arash Ershad, & LeeAnn Pallett

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