The Entertainment Design Corporation is please to submit three alternate masterplan submissions for Black Rock City.

This plan is submitted by Kurt Gefke.

This mathematical plan and organizing structure is located within the pentagram and does not change the current alignment as it conforms with the sacred sights of the world, aligning to the Sirius star system.

The ideas expressed here envision a totally different master plan based on suggestions from two twenty-year veterans of the Burning Man experience.

Throughout the design process, the more traditional methods of reassessment, future expansion, operational issues, circulation, way-finding and view sights were adhered to.

As this is to be a place for generations to gather and theme, universal design also became central to the overall concept of providing infrastructure and not themes.

The plan is based around six Design Elements.

Design Element 1 – Decreasing the Diameter of the Playa with four arms that extend the Playa activities to within the village camp sights

Claiming some areas for Theme Camps from the Playa and extending the Playa into the Theme Camps has the effect of providing more square footage for both Playa and Theme Camp frontage. The plan consists of a series of square interlocking tribes or villages. Each village has a smaller active playa for art installations and its own identity. This plan refers playfully to the shape of The Man.

Design Element 2 – Providing Two Additional Main Camp Locations

By providing two additional slightly smaller Main Camp locations at the opposite side of the Playa, the plan increases accessibility for participants and relieves some of the massive crowding that has happened at Main Camp in the last few years.

Design Elements 3 – Four Main Access Routes through Camp

By creating four main access highways through the camp sites to the Man, the plan facilitates circulation and wayfinding. Each new access route has a new Playa closer to the outer edge of the suburbs, thus providing a sub-Playa that is shared by surrounding theme camps. Along the highway, major tributary paths feed into each group of villages.

Design Element 4 – Mid-Point Ring Road

At a mid-point in the site radius of the City, a Ring Road joins the previously indicated village squares. The Ring Road offers direct access circulation through the middle of the city, for art cars or even shuttles. It is along this Mid-Point Ring Road that toilets would be located.

Design Element 5 – Temple Zone

The area of camps and big clubs facing the desert has been closed in, thus providing more sites, but without spoiling the view to the outer desert. The addition of two main camps to the big clubs location has the effect of attracting participants to the Temple Zone whist not destroying its contemplative nature. There is an opportunity for clubs and more themed camps to be facing into the Temple.

Design Element 6 – Expansion Area for Future Development

This plan indicates maximum developments for the future. As noted the villages can be plugged in as needed.


Positions of the EMT and police would be similar to the current plan but should be reviewed by site operations.

In addition to our own experience, we consulted with a number of veteran Burners and their input helped to shape these concepts.

Their top two comments:

There was a need for transport and shuttle service.

By bringing center camps to the opposite side, getting coffee and ice did not have to be a half day trip.