The plan introduces four new concepts into the existing city plan: diagonal avenues, beacon towers, the midway, and gateway arches.

Diagonal avenues minimize travel times to other parts of the city and serve as collector routes from the letter and number streets. The diagonals also help activate the plazas by funneling traffic to those areas and making them prime locations for theme camps.

Beacon towers serve as vertical landmarks in Deep Playa and are the visual terminus of several of the diagonal avenues. Their height makes them optimal viewing platforms for orientation and views over the city. At night, they will project light over the city and become true beacons.

The Midway is an open promenade for art installations and spontaneous performance. This zone creates an opportunity to bring art into the center of the city, making it more accessible to the residents.

A gateway arch will be built at the entrance to the city along Gate Road, serving as the front door into Black Rock City. Additional arches will be constructed where 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 meet Esplanade. The arches serve as prominent focal points to help orientate citizens, provide a threshold between the playa and the city, and are fully climbable and inhabitable.