The "Phoenix" is an adaptable, parametric, self-supporting wooden element, designed to be an iconic multi-use pavilion for the street crossings of Black Rock City. As the mythological bird, the pavilion regenerates itself in every new location adapting to its constraints and user needs, burning to ashes in the end of the festival.

The design process starts by the placing of the structures anchor points on the desired site, represented by simple lines and points. The structures overall shape is then computer generated, based on the position and correlation of this elements, defined user constrains, as height and scale, and a series of structural optimisation processes. The result is a fully unique parametric element, adapted to the specific characteristics of each site and function.

Its structure is composed by round plywood beams arranged in a quad reciprocal frame pattern. Each beam is connected to its neighbours in 4 specific points, creating a grid of interlocked elements in which its forces are redistributed, resulting in one whole self-supporting structure. This approach allows the single elements to be easily carried and assembled by any small group of people.

In the center point of the pavilion its a textile membrane, that works both as shading device and floating platform, to be used as an observation spot over the whole city and a performing stage reaching out the entire area around the street crossing.

The "Phoenixā€¯ will stand out from the context as an adventurous and playfull landmark, and provide flexibility of use to become a 24h/7 lively point of interest for the Burning Man Festival.

>> A color version of the Poster is available for download in the link.