---- The flower plan 2016 ---- We adopted the conforming city plan of 2015 and improved it with the following new aspects: An installation-free area between the burning man and the man`s gate has been established, in order to get a free view of the man through the man`s gate into the infinite desert. All installations are arranged within the main circle street Chronos and the Inner circle. The street names within the arc are taken from the old Greek mythology and alternate between female and male. We maintained the Esplenade from the last year city-plan. 0 Esplenade 1 Theia = goddess of the moon 2 Helios = personification of the sun 3 Psyche = breath of life 4 Dionysos = god of wine and madness 5 Aphrodite = goddess of beauty and pleasure 6 Chronos = father of time 7 Gaia = mother earth 8 Prometheus = the friend of man 9 Artemis = goddess of nature 10 Eros = god of love 11 Harmonia= goddess of harmony 12 Uranos = father sky. Image 1 – arc of facilities: We named the main street “Chronos”, which is incorporated as a closed circle. This street runs through the camping area and is the most frequented one. All facilities are located between the two arc-streets Gaia and Chronos and in this area (light grey) the density of tents will be less than in the other lots, in order to create more free moving space and meeting possibilities as well as to offer the citizens the possibility to find all facilities quickly. Image 2 – meeting square: Between the facility-area we planned several meeting squares. The facilities are concentrated along the edges of the squares, which are arranged repeatedly radially. In the center of each square we planned stacked container lookouts. Image 3 – overview of the site: The above mentioned lookout towers allow the citizens to have an overview of the whole area. In the ground floor, we suggest to incorporate bicycle rental outlets. The containers shall be stacked together by a truck-mounted crane. Image 4 – main axis: The “Rambla” is located in the main axis which merges into street 6:00 and after that into the man`s street. Along the Rambla markets, shops, bar`s and so on are located. From the central café, through the portal 6:00, the citizens get a unique sight of the man and the man`s gate towers which are arranged behind him. Image 5 – detailed view of portal 3:00 and 9:00: The installations of the portal towers, aside the portal 3:00 and 9:00, allow the artists to set moving visuals from above the towers into the inner circle. The planned rounding on each “urban slice” allows much more citizens to have a free sight onto the man, who forms the center of the city. info of planner: nusarch.com