BRC - Getting Bigger Better

With constantly growing numbers of participants, Black Rock City has to accommodate more and more burners, camps and villages, while making it more accessible.

The new plan seeks to create bigger grounds for camps with more compact urban settings and better public spaces, have better orientation throughout the city, and achieve it without giving up the core values of the existing plan.

Villages - Circles of burners:

As villages are already an integral part of Burning Man, the "Pentagonal Village City" establishes the villages and create a system of 5 circles - 4 "Big villages" and the Temple.

Each "Big" village has a center plaza –which contributes to the identity of a village and creates additional space for village community activities.

Each "big" village is divided into smaller quadrant villages and subdivided again to rings with much smaller scale.

Orientation – Sight-lines as a generator of orientation:

The city has better orientation which is based mostly on straight line paths instead of primary angulating ways in the current city plan.

Each village center is connected in a straight line to:

1. The Man and playa center and esplanade

2. Two other village centers or the temple – via "village-path

With clear view of at least two nodes in space, the burners have far better understanding of where they are in the city while traveling inside the camps.

The village pentagonal path also form a "highway" of sorts and coupled with smaller diameter rings paths, decreases distances traveled within the city by 30%.

Playa – Bigger but better

The city's most wanted real estate – Playa edge which is the interface between camps area and the playa has doubled the length – 5.4 km instead of existing 2.7 km.

Playa size bigger but more compact – Smaller radius and shorter distances between playa edge and The Man

Playa "extensions" create deeper "playa experience" towards the camps and villages, shorting the distance between playa and camps on the outer-rings.

The Man and burners – In the middle:

Keeping The Man in the middle and connecting sight lines with village centers and playa extensions create better connections between The Man, playa and the camps.

The playa keeps a circular main esplanade form but its star-like extensions create better experiences and greater potential for burners interaction and random encounters.