This proposal would not redesign the overall plan, but would instead introduce a simple kit of parts for enhancing neighborhood design. These are elements which could be deployed to enhance the current masterplan configuration, or be applied to future iterations of the plan.

Black Rock City has a clear, functional, and to many, beloved plan. This proposal would overlay additional intersection and street setbacks that could be applied to the current system of concentric and radial streets. The key to these new features is their simplicity- simple setbacks that are both easy to layout and to comprehend. Although simple, these new spaces have the potential to create a rich new additional layer of public realm in Black Rock City. Corners can support neighborhood food and beverage locations, public services, gathering, and art functions. Ramblas and avenues can enhance vistas and approaches to the Man. Roundabouts can be used to calm traffic, and to make places that people can easily identify and mark as they navigate their time in the City.

In the second phase of this competition, the effort would be to expand and refine this kit of parts, and to propose how they might be deployed throughout Black Rock City, to enrich the city fabric.