Honest architecture does not follow the tendencies of fashion, is direct and unique, as its goal is the perfection in use. Durability and versatility. Housing over pilotis, huts, stalls, wooden structures, all of them created in some moments by nonprofessionals, with the only finality of being useful and long lasting. The riches quality of this approach to the profession, is the honestly and substance of each project, some of them can be considered masterpieces due to their final result, and of undeniable intellectual superiority in comparison with actual architectures.

It is obvious that in actual conditions, a method of composition, in this case architectural, is very needed. The city is a very complex organism, and the individual actions needs to guarantee the collective success of the operation, the architecture without architects, developed by individuals or groups not related with the profession is still important. Understanding the difficulties that exist when applying this kind of process in very different contexts, realizing that the main situation is related with problems of economy and marginality, as is no the same conceptualizing popular projects not in a forest or in a rural field, but in a very dense urban grid, with all the responsibilities and traces it can leave.

We need here this amazing body of cooperation, organiser, iconic and image of the future architectural and artistic tendencies.