This city design preserves the key familiar elements of the existing city layout, while providing some valuable enhancements to support the city's growth plus increased desire for participation. Inhabitants will find comfort in its familiarity and excitement and opportunity in its enhancements.

The main improvement is the new central promenade which runs the entire length of the arc in the middle of the city. This more than triples the total coastline provided by the current Esplanade and gives more camps the opportunity to obtain highly prized frontage, where they can display their creations and interact with the citizenry. (New frontage is shown in gray.) In addition residents in the farther out streets now have a new range of destinations much closer to home. These long promenades can be used for art car processions, memorial marches, parades, bicycle rides, etc. Everyone is now closer to the action. The promenades lead to plazas at the junctions of the city endpoints, helping to funnel more people in and out of those nighttime destinations.

The second improvement is the alteration of the 2:00 and 10:00 streets to an angled (or curved) design. This provides better visibility of the camps located along the farther ends of these streets. Whereas now one has to ride the entire length of the street or ride far out into the playa to see what's there, now as soon as you turn the corner from the esplanade you have a grand view of all the camps.

The third, and more minor, improvement is the change of the intersection between Center Camp and the Esplanade. The current protrusion out from the natural circle of the Esplanade is confusing and limits visibility. This plan returns the esplanade to its pure circular form while leaving the other elements of the Center Camp area intact.

The familiar placements of the Man and Temple remain intact.