Since 2000, when it was first created, the experience of “the Temple” has evolved into something equal to the experience of “the Man”...the contemplative experience relating beautifully to the celebratory experience of the night before. Finding a way to pair “the Man” and “the Temple”, to frame Black Rock City with these two always very dramatic structures, now feels appropriate.

Given Black Rock City’s immense growth a “complex evolution” may be in order; one that acknowledges the evolution of “the Temple” and that also creates a richer and more elaborate family of large scale outdoor spaces. Each half of the city is reconfigured into a pattern of radial and concentric streets and blocks framing an open space 2,500’ in diameter; between the two is “Center Camp”. Addressing and orientation would be the same as in the current plan with the simple addition of a “north” or a “south” to typical address information.

With the edge of BRC as a backdrop, giant expanding spaces, open to the surrounding desert, are created at each side for “the Temple” and “the Man”.