Every individual in the world has different beliefs, rites, rituals, understandings and interpretations as well as a different way of ‘giving shape’ to the things in which it believes. Therefore, this solution improves and highlights the concept of freedom and the possibility of freedom of choice for the participants at this event.

According to the analyses and research of different geometries and the possibilities they offer, we have found that the most appropriate geometrical form is the hexagon, which when divided or multiplied provides many possibilities for combining the units as well as their modular or fractal arranging.

The shape of the city depends on the number of participants and their determinations, desires and interests. The planning of the content of the city is left "unprogrammed", by only placing the previously anticipated elements, which are available to the users to utilize and allocate them according to their needs, similar to the "follies" in Bernard Tschumi’s La Vilette.

We have set a so called ‘urban code’, which provides for the definition of several key elements of the city. We have specified only the "no go" areas - the public areas in the city, where placing the camps is not allowed and around which the city is predicted to develop:

-The position of the Burning Man, firmly determined as immutable, as central focii of the city plan.

-The newly-opened East-West axis, where the exiting temple remains and a new temple is added on the opposite side of the primary temple (emphasizing an important aspect of the festival – sunrise-sunset) – a larger area for spirituality and avantgarde art, as well as increasing the area of Deep Playa

-By dividing the city in two parts and by the way of setting the camps, we get a new form of the Esplanade - simple pattern generated via recursion. The length of the Esplanade increases 3 to 4 times, so this type of pattern will be useful in increasing the number of the camps on the “shoreline”.

-A streets system with simple orientation according to 3 coordinates (Xn, Yn, Zn).

The new solution is able to serve all 70,000 participants and to provide space for new participants, if necessary. The proposed concept for a city is as unique as every individual who visits it and is designed in a way that it can change as the visitors change, as well as to change according to the way the festival progresses with time.

Our idea is Black Rock City Urban Plan to evolve like a living organism in the upcoming years: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hsl5pllblpvliwj/Black%20Rock%20CIty%20future.gif?dl=0