Hi ! I'm a student from switzerland, I tried to draw a new proposition for the burning man's plan, here it is, thank you for giving us some creative work to do !

(And sorry for my language that is probably the worst !)

The point of this intervention is to give a chance to the main

festival to come inside the camping.

I imagine the plan as a Delta, when the river go into the sea, here the sea is the art and the heart of burning man, and the fleuve‘’ will be the art that came inside the camp.

The main problem of burning man is that the festival is growing really fast, and the burners who are a bit outside the festival will not live the same days that the people who are in the center.

So I tried to draw a plan for giving a chance to the people who are a bit outside to come inside the festival more easily and to make the art come inside of the camp as a delta.

‘’Make the art and the people flows inside.’’